Welcome to Aurora Art's & Craft's spiritual page! 

NOTE! Due to education, Yvonne only gives guidance through email at the present.

Read the information below about how to order guided reading via email or a text message, both can be paid via swish or paypal.me. 

Yvonne Begby is a professional intuitive life-coach who helps individuals develop in theire desired direction. She offers services in intuitive coaching & guidance through tarot. She is also knowledgeable in numerology and astrology. Yvonne works according to the Ethical Council guidelines and all communication between you and her is treated with 100% confidentiality. Thus, you can be sure that everything that is said between you and the advisor stays between the two of you. 

Guidance via Tarot Card and / or Angel Card. 

Yvonne guides you forward when you are stuck or at a crossroad in life. You have the opportunity to get guidance / messages from the spiritworld, you are also given the opportunity to ask your own questions during the meeting. She does not convey information about accidents, illness or death. 

Keep in mind that; The guidance you get is help on your way, but you have your own responsibility for your life, and it is no other than you yourself that can change your life. 

Yvonne uses tarot cards to more easily focus on any changes that come, or should be made. The readings works equally well via a visit, by phone or by email. 

Price. tarot by phone/ home visit: 30 minutes 350 SEK or 60 minutes 550 SEK. 

Price. tarot by mail: 400SEK 

Payment is due at time of reservation. Swish: 070-295 25 27  (Swedish clients only)  or  via PayPal here: https://paypal.me/AuroraArt 

Payment via PayPal; Don't forget to write Name and email address in the message box. Fill in the sum for the reading  you want. (400,00SEK for a comprehensive tarotreading or 70,00SEK for a mini-tarotreading (read more about it below!). 

When the payment is registered, Yvonne will contact you to arrange a time that suits both of you. 

The waiting time can vary between 1-2 weeks. Returns will be submitted no later than 36 hours before the agreed time. 

If you fail to show up at an pre booked apointment, without having canceled, the entire amount will be charged. 

This only applies to tarotreadings via telephone or home visits !!!

...too long? Can't you wait? Order a mini tarotreading and get an answer within 48 hours! 

Order and pay via PayPal.me. Briefly state your question as well as your first name, nickname or last name (write the one you use the most) in the message box! 

NOTE! Only 1 question! 


     How does my near future look? / Duke 

     What do I need to think about most right now? / Anna 

     How can I best develop and moving forward? / Nilsson 

Then send an email to tarot@aurora-art.se with the same info. (… plus the mobile number you paid with, if you have a Swedish mobile number.) 

I send the reading to the email you contacted me with ASAP! 

Replies come within 48 hours. Cost 70,00 SEK / question. 

Welcome with your question!

 Order & pay here: https://paypal.me/AuroraArt