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Here you can discover the artist and author Y. Begby's artwork and blog.

The artist Y. Begbys material is both heat & cold. She uses hot metal tips as well as brushes and pencils. Paper, canvases or wood are all turned into works of art.

The varied landscape of Dalsland, with all its deep forests, mountains, many lakes and wildlife is what she is highly inspired by. Her creative passion is as free and diverse as the landscape she lives in.

In addition to presented paintings the artist Y.Begby also paint via Custom Orders according to your preferences. You can choose from watercolor, acrylic and pyrography artwork.

You find art for sale at the Gallery , or you can use the links below. To know more about the artist go here.

Paintings       Pyrography     Custom Order

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custom made "Tranquility" Custom Made oil painting. 100 X 140cm

The Creative Diary-Blog/Kreativa DagboksBloggen

The artist also have a blog where she post on a regular basis. The posts are (or will be - since it is a newly started blog) generally about different parts of her life, events around it and her sidekick Elliot. The blog is written in Swedish, but if you feel brave, click here anyway: you can at least look at the pictures! =)

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