Upcoming Exhibition:

  • Hantverksmagasinet, Amal, Sweden  28 June - 18 July 2018
  • Art Fair at  Luftkastellet, Malmo, Sweden  26-28 october 2018

Exhibitions in selection:

Solo Exhibition: Acrylic, watercolor. •Caméra IT cafe´, Bengtsfors, Sweden november 2011 - january 2012

Solo Exhibition:  Oil, acrylic och mixed media. •C Carlsson, Åmål, Sweden 2008

Solo Exhibition: oil- and acrylic paintings. •Cafe´ Liljan Åmål, Sverige 200

Solo Exhibition: graphics, photos, oil and watercolor paintings. •Misans cafe` Bengtsfors, Sweden november 1998 

Selected Group Exhibitions: 

•Tullan Kristiansson Djurgårdsslätten Stockholm, Sweden 2004 Attended by invitation to an exhibition with five other artists, at Djurgården in Stockholm.

• Bengtsfors Tingshus, Sweden 1997 (oil paintings) Attended together with several other artists from the municipality of Bengtsfors. 

Other qualifications / assignments in selection

•Custom Orders, Various private individuals 1990 - Ongoing. On numerous occasions I have had paintings commissioned by private individuals, mainly birds in watercolor, ocean motifs and symbolic images in oil and acrylic.

• Companies have engaged me to paint a series of images as gifts to their employees.

• I have also designed invitation cards, labels for beer and wine bottles for weddings.

•Author. Publisher Balboa Press 2014.  I have published a bilingual book under the genre personal development. "Insight of Today / Today's Insight"

Selected Educations:

Art Education/course:

• Kyrkerud folkhögskola, Årjäng 2004 graphics, oil painting, photography, textile, sculpture, ceramics

• Ellen Heller & Magnus Hedman, Häljebol's art gallery, Varmland, Sweden 1998, a course in drawing / croquis

Author Education /course:

The Writer Academy Stockholm 2008 - 2009 author education

• SRF-Falken Writing School 2007 - 2008 A course in writing. Figuration, flow writing, "images" in the writing, character description, etc.