Interested in ordering custom orders?

In addition to already presented arts and crafts, I also work with commissions, Custom Orders according to your preferences.

How to order a custom made painting in 3 easy steps:

1. Size. Decide what size you want on your painting. Measure width and height in centimeters. Will the painting hang horizontally or vertically?

2. Decide what subject you want me to paint. Tip; if you would like a personal artwork painted just for you, but cannot figure out what it should look like, check out my gallery for inspiration! There you can choose the type of image, (for example; bird, tree, sea, symbols) coloring (such as earth colors, red shades or black and white). Or, maybe you have a photo you like, or a place you want to go to? Perhaps a favorite animal or an era like the Ancient Egypt ... I can use subjects like these as inspiration for your custom made painting. If you have ideas that you want to discuss, send me an email. I would happily combine different elements in a custom painting to reflect you and your personality.

3. Approve your custom painting: Once you decide on a size, subject and color palette, I can start painting! It usually takes between 4-6 weeks to create a customized painting. When I'm done, I will send a photo of your finished painting for approval. At this time, we can make some minor adjustments before your new painting is professionally packaged and shipped with the utmost care.

Please note that on different occasions I may have more to do and therefore delivery time may be slightly longer. Of course, I will notify you at our first contact, before completing the order.

Welcome with your order/request!

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