About the Artist

Being a creative person; has been with Yvonne since childhood. Her artistry consists of create paintings in watercolor, acrylic, oil to Indian- and liquid ink. Mix Media is also part of her many expressions. She also creates sculptures in clay and pictures with pyrography. Crafts as well as authoring are also part of her creative life.
The nature, time and space, the human psyche, symbols and dreams are a few things that she draw inspiration from.

Yvonne Begby is a professional artist and author who work in Dalsland Sweden. Currently she is working mainly with acrylic paintings combined with her authorship. She has had several individual and group exhibitions.

Feeling, intuition and the nature in Dalsland is the engine of all Begbys creations. Her extensive techniques and knowledge are as large and wide as life and do not allow themselves to be limited.
About ”some people” that say that it is best to keep to one line of work; Yvonne replies:

“Like birds in freedom, I too cross borders and fly in the direction I need to go.”

Artist Statement:
My artwork is characterized by experiments and passion, and I almost always work intuitively and without any direct style censorship. Imaginative or abstract; both gives me inspiration. My choice of material also varies. In this meeting in between borderlands of technology skills and materials, new products are emerging and my art is allowed to develop. At the moment, I mainly work with paintings in acrylic, watercolors and pyrography. Art in all its forms enriches both me and my life, and the more I develop in and through the art, the more I develop as a person.

Y Begby Konstnären & författaren Y.Begby är född i Norge 1969 men bor förnärvarande i Sverige.